Ep. #3591

Season 15, Episode 79 -  Air Date: 7/11/2001
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Rick prepares for the board meeting by reading stacks of papers detailing the history of Forrester. He doesn‘t want them to get away with what they‘ve done to Brooke. When Rick is dressed in his suit and ready to go, Amber gives him a pep talk and a kiss for luck. Ridge explains his reasons for dropping the Brooke‘s Bedroom line. He adds that the move has been met with overwhelming support from their important clients. When Kristen questions him, Ridge states that he doesn‘t know or care what Brooke thinks about the decision. Megan admits that Brooke knows about the move. When Thorne wants to know if Brooke was okay with it, Megan responds that Brooke isn‘t up for a fight right now. Massimo asks Yves to be his eyes and ears that the meeting, adding that no detail is insignificant. Ridge nominates Taylor for a seat on the board of directors. The vote is unanimous. Rick appears, announcing that he is there to represent Brooke, the majority stockholder. When Ridge orders him out, Rick reminds him that his family owns more than half the company, which means they own Ridge.