Ep. #3589

Season 15, Episode 77 -  Air Date: 7/9/2001
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Bridget tells Deacon that she really feels as if their problems are behind them. Zende is awestruck as he heads for his new home with Kristen and Tony. He‘s thrilled with their house, his room, and the ocean. His new mom and dad tell him that they love him. Brooke tells Dr. Isabel that when the word gets out, her pregnancy will be front-page news. Stephanie tells Eric that Brooke accused Deacon of ruining her life. Ridge asks his parents if he is Brooke‘s puppet, or if he‘s really in control of the company. He tells them about Rick‘s interference and accusations. Eric offers to talk to Rick. Amber urges Rick and Bridget to call Brooke to tell her about Ridge canceling the bedroom line. Deacon adds that they can‘t let Ridge get away with this. Rick assures them that he‘s going to take care of the situation, but he needs their support. Rick wants to make it clear to Ridge that this is their company, too, and no one‘s going to push them around. Dr. Isabel tells Brooke that beating herself up isn‘t going to solve her dilemma. Brooke wonders what to tell her family about her baby. Dr. Isabel advises Brooke to focus on her baby and think of her unborn child as a blessing because he or she will be loved and cherished.