Ep. #3584

Season 15, Episode 72 -  Air Date: 7/2/2001
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At Brooke‘s house, Rick hung up the phone after a conversation with his mother. He told Amber that Brooke still seemed upset and he wished there was something he could do to help her. Amber then asked what had transpired at the stock meeting the previous day. Rick explained that Eric had decided not to give any of the 49% of his stock to Rick or Bridget. Amber wasn‘t too happy to hear that, but was heartened to hear that Brooke was not going to give any of the 51% of her stock to anyone but Rick and Bridget. Rick further explained that Brooke had left Ridge in charge as CEO while she was gone. Rick was certain that Ridge would not do anything to rock the boat.Amber emphasized that the company would one day be Rick‘s. He had to make sure it continued to be run properly. She convinced him to go to Forrester and make sure things were running smoothly.In Ridge‘s office, Eric looked on as his older son handled a problem on the Forrester web site.Eric commented that he was certain his son would make a fine CEO. Ridge said it felt right for him to be in charge, but he had to remember it was only temporary until Brooke returned from her sabbatical. Eric hinted that he doubted Brooke would ever return to her position as CEO! Megan arrived and took orders from Ridge to assemble reports from all divisions for a board meeting that very night. When Ridge asked for business projections from all the lines, Megan admitted that Brooke had not developed a business plan for the men‘s line or Brooke‘s Bedroom. Both Eric and Ridge were surprised that Brooke had not been totally professional in her running of her own clothing lines. Megan pointed out that the lines were so successful, anything Brooke had projected would have been surpassed. After Megan left, Ridge decided he wanted to run a tighter ship than Brooke had been doing. He wanted to return Forrester to it‘s glory days of classic design. Eric agreed it might be a good idea.Meanwhile, Stephanie and Taylor wandered into Brooke‘s vacant office. Stephanie scowled as she looked at the bed and all the lingerie around the room. La Forrester was glad Brooke was gone and hoped all the damage she had done to the Forrester reputation could be erased. Stephanie also trashed a huge poster photo of Brooke at the unveiling of the Brooke‘s Bedroom line.Megan passed by and Stephanie instructed her to have the bed removed from the office immediately. Megan protested but Stephanie insisted the secretary follow orders. Megan did as she was told, but ran over to Ridge‘s office to let him know that Stephanie was taking over Brooke‘s office.on the other side of the building, Stephanie told Taylor that Brooke‘s office had once been her own work space. She intended to take it back and move in that afternoon. Taylor suggested that perhaps Stephanie should wait until Brooke had been gone longer than one day. Stephanie said she was certain Brooke was not coming back to work and in her opinion, it was good riddance. As the movers carried the bed out of the office, Rick walked down the hall. He was surprised to see things being taken from his mother‘s office. He stood outside the door and listened to Stephanie rant about Brooke.Rick overhears Stephanie trashing Brooke and confronts her and Taylor, enraged. He told Stephanie he couldn‘t believe she was talking about his mother in such a manner.