Ep. #3583

Season 15, Episode 71 -  Air Date: 6/29/2001
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At Insomnia, Massimo enjoyed a cappa-mocha-latte-grande-soy and noticed Ridge at the counter getting a skim-latte-regular-with extra foam to go Massimo approached Ridge and said he understood it was a big day for the stock holders at Forrester. Ridge was rude to Massimo and upset his mother continued to talk to the thug. Ridge stormed off and Massimo had a daydream about one day telling Ridge he was his father and Ridge apologizing for being to rude to him. In Brooke‘s office at Forrester Creations, Bridget told Rick and Amber that she had received a call from Brooke and her caller ID told her the phone call was from the Ojai Valley Inn. Bridget intended to leave immediately to visit her mother. She was worried about her. Amber and Rick convinced her to stay for the stock transfer meeting. Amber stayed in Brooke‘s office while Rick and Bridget left for the meeting. A short while later, Deacon arrived looking for Bridget. Amber explained that Rick and Bridget had left for the important meeting. Amber tells Deacon that Bridget‘s going to visit Brooke after the meeting and maybe she can drag out of Brooke what‘s bothering her. She then tells him that it was good for both their futures because they were married to majority stock holders at Forrester Creations and one day Little Eric would be running the company. Deacon was impressed that his son would have so much power some day.In Eric‘s office, Ridge, Stephanie, Eric, Bridget, Rick, Connor, and Jonathan gathered for the stock meeting. Eric explained that he had decided not to give any of his stock to Rick and Bridget. The two seemed OK with that knowing that they would get more stock from Brooke. Connor then opened Brooke‘s document. He explained that Brooke intended to give all her stock to her children. Jonathan noted that it did not specify Rick and Bridget as her children. It was therefore possible that future children Brooke might have would divide her stock with her two current kids. Bridget said she doubted Brooke intended to have more children and Stephanie readily agreed. But in her absence, Brooke handed the reigns over to Ridge. She expected Rick and Bridget to give him their full support. They assured Ridge they knew he would run the company just as their mother would want him to. Eric broke out champagne and everyone celebrated.