Ep. #3582

Season 15, Episode 70 -  Air Date: 6/28/2001
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At the Haven of Hope orphanage in Africa, Zende told Kristen and Tony that he would very much like to be their son. While he was gone to place a flower on his brother‘s grave, Tisha told Kristen and Tony that Zende never thought he would be adopted. She was grateful they were giving him a chance at a better life. Zende returned with his jacket that had the silver lining. Kristen and Tony made note that they would always keep it. After a tearful goodbye to Tisha and some of his friends, Zende left for America with Tony and Kristen.Meanwhile, at Brooke‘s house, Miss Logan and Megan packed for Brooke‘s retreat. Megan suggested that perhaps Brooke could stay away until she gave birth and give the baby up for adoption. Brooke was not sure she could give her child away. In Brooke‘s living room, Bridget joined Rick and Amber. Bridget worried that her mother would not open up to her. Amber thought Brooke was leaving town because she couldn‘t stand Amber living in her house. Rick said he had spoken to his mother and she had assured him her departure had nothing to do with Amber‘s presence. Brooke came downstairs with her bags and hugged her children good bye. She explained that she had to get away to clear her mind. She could not tell them where she was going. Rick said the rest of the Forresters would think something was up if she wasn‘t there for the stock transfer meeting. Brooke said she had explained her wishes to Connor and she expected her children would agree with her. Rick and Bridget said they would abide by what she had decided. Bridget said she wished Brooke would not leave until Deacon stopped by to say good bye. She thought that Deacon really was trying to get along with Brooke. Brooke wanted none of that and hightailed it out the door with Megan.Just after Brooke left, Deacon arrived. Everyone assumed that Brooke didn‘t want to talk to Deacon. Amber said it seemed to her that Brooke seemed ashamed. They all agreed that she must be upset about the way she had chased Ridge last fall. Bridget hugged her husband and thanked him for taking such good care of her.At Forrester Creations, Eric, Ridge, and Stephanie gathered in Eric‘s office to discuss the stock transfer with their lawyer Jonathan. Ridge told his parents that Brooke was leaving town and would be gone indefinitely. Stephanie was shocked that Brooke would leave at such a time. She feared Brooke was going to "drop a bomb" on them. Ridge said something was bothering Brooke, but she wouldn‘t tell him what it was. Just then, Brooke entered the office. She said that Connor would explain what she wanted done with her stock. She explained that she was taking an indefinite leave of absence, but she was not resigning. She would be back to run the company. Until she returned, she knew it would be in good hands. Ridge thanked Brooke for the vote of confidence. Brooke gave a wan smile in reply. Brooke said goodbye and left. Stephanie followed shortly thereafter.Out in hall, Megan arranged for Brooke‘s driver. Brooke ushered Megan and her chauffer off when Stephanie arrived. Stephanie asked how Brooke could leave when her daughter was still married to "that son of a bitch" Deacon. Stephanie pointed out that Brooke had always been a terrible mother, but this was a new low even for her. Brooke cried and asked Stephanie to keep an eye on Bridget for her. Stephanie readily agreed, but then realized something was terribly wrong. She sincerely asked Brooke what was the matter. Brooke simply said good bye and waited for the elevator as Stephanie walked away.But the elevators doors opened and Deacon walked out of the cab! He asked Brooke if she was leaving because of him. Brooke railed against Deacon. She screamed that she hated him for what he had done to her life. She got on the elevator and left. Deacon walked away perplexed.But who do you think was lurking around the corner and had heard every word? You got it - Stephanie! She had a quizzical look on her face. Whatever could Brooke have meant by her comment?