Ep. #3581

Season 15, Episode 69 -  Air Date: 6/27/2001
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At Stephanie‘s request, Massimo showed up at the Forrester mansion. Stephanie thanked Massimo for pointing out the problems with the estate planning. She explained that Eric had reconsidered some his ideas and was only going to divide their stock among the four children they had together. Ridge would not have controlling interest, but Eric planned to get the siblings to always back Ridge‘s decisions. Massimo was not impressed. If there was no legal document, Ridge was no better off than he had been before.At Forrester Creations, Thorne visited his father. Eric explained that he and Stephanie had decided to divide their 49% of Forrester stock among only Ridge, Thorne, Kristen, Felicia (12.25% each) Rick and Bridget would inherit their stock from Brooke (25.5% each). Thorne thought that sounded fair, but Eric told of Ridge‘s desire to gain controlling interest. Eric said all his children needed to promise Ridge that they would back his every decision when he took control of the company. Thorne said he would always stand behind Ridge. When Thorne inquired about Kristen, Eric explained that she and Tony had returned to Africa after being home for two days to adopt the orphan child they had met on their honeymoon. Thorne thought that was a terrific idea. Obviously, Tony and Kristen had been put together for such a wonderful reason. Eric admitted he was upset that he had fought their relationship from the beginning. Thorne suggested that God had wanted Eric to test the couple - and they had passed with flying colors.In Africa, Tony and Kristen arrived the orphanage. They talked to Tisha who related that all the adoption papers had been processed, Zende‘s passport had been obtained, and he had gotten an HIV test.Kristen and Tony were overjoyed to learn that Zende was HIV negative. The couple then found Zende who was glad to see them. After some discussion, Kristen explained that they had come to take him home with them. They wanted him to be their son. Zende‘s face beamed.Back at Forrester Creations, Brooke moped in her office as Megan told of the travel arrangements she had made for the CEO. Apparently, Brooke was planning a retreat in the desert. She needed to have some time alone to think. When Ridge arrived, Megan left the two alone. Ridge came to apologize for his behavior at Brooke‘s house. He realized it was not her responsibility to give him controlling interest in Forrester Creations. He planned to apologize to Rick as well. Ridge explained that it was Taylor that convinced him to mend fences. Brooke was impressed that Taylor would do anything nice after all Brooke had put her through. Brooke said she had been such a fool to pursue Ridge earlier in the year. Ridge told Brooke not to worry about the past. He was impressed that Brooke had grown. In the past, such a disappointment would have caused Brooke to do something crazy.Brooke cried that she had not changed at all. She had to get away to think about what she had done. She felt ashamed. Concerned, Ridge asked Brooke to open up to him. She said she wished she could, but she had to deal with her problem on her own.