Ep. #3580

Season 15, Episode 68 -  Air Date: 6/26/2001
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At their Bel Air mansion, Taylor was dubious of Brooke‘s motives for giving Ridge extra Forrester stock. Ridge told her not to look a gift horse in the mouth and suggested they go to Brooke‘s house to sign some official papers.Meanwhile, upstairs at Brooke‘s house, Amber kept needling Rick about giving up his mother‘s stock. She explained - AGAIN - that it was his legacy to give children. He was Eric Forrester Jr. and he had just as much right to the company as any of Eric‘s other children. Amber felt Rick should at least think about the whole situation more before making any decisions. He owed it to his children. Rick carefully considered what Amber said.Downstairs, lawyer Connor showed up. He had drawn up the papers of stock transfer as Brooke had requested. However, Connor warned Brooke to reconsider the transaction because once she had given Ridge the stock, the action could not be reversed. Brooke said she was sure this was what she wanted to do. Her affairs had been messed up for quite a while and she wanted to get everything in order. Connor noticed that Brooke‘s behavior was strange and asked if she was ill. Brooke made it clear that she was not dying. She simply wanted to do what was right for everyone.Rick and Amber came downstairs and joined Connor and Brooke. Rick then announced that he had changed his mind and didn‘t want to give any stock away. He wanted to think about the plan and be sure he wasn‘t giving away too much. He had his children to think of. Brooke understood Rick‘s change of heart and suggested that everyone leave before Ridge arrived. She‘d be able to handle the situation. Connor didn‘t think it was a good idea because Ridge was likely to be angry. Unfortunately Ridge and Taylor were at the door.Ridge brought champagne and suggested they toast the company. Rick then interrupted and said there would not be any stock transfer. He had changed his mind. Ridge was furious and reminded everyone how he had helped build Forrester and without him there would be no company to divide. Rick explained that he was only thinking about the future of his own family. Ticked off, Ridge grabbed Taylor and they left. Brooke knew this did not bode well for Christmas dinner.At Tony‘s beach house, Kristen lit enough candles in the bedroom to heat a small Nebraska town for the entire month of December. The newlyweds cooed about how much they were in love. After getting‘ jiggy with it (safely, of course) Kristen mused on what adventures lay ahead for them. Everyone had told them miraculous things would come of their union. There would indeed be a silver lining for all the troubles they would face. The happy couple pulled out photos from their honeymoon and both stopped short at the photo of them with Zende. They both admitted they had written him a letter on the plane ride home. As Kristen gazed at the photo, she suddenly sat up in bed! "Look at Zende‘s jacket!" Kristen yelled. "the lining is silver!" They realize that Zende needs them, and they need Zende. They decide to go back and make arrangements to adopt him.