Ep. #3579

Season 15, Episode 67 -  Air Date: 6/25/2001
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Kristen and Tony arrived at the Forrester mansion after returning from their honeymoon. Stephanie and Eric were glad to see them and eagerly looked at all the photos Kristen had taken. They came across a photo of Zende. Kristen lovingly explained that he was an orphan of AIDS and that he was everything anyone could want in a 10 year-old boy. Stephanie noted that the young boy must have stolen Kristen‘s heart. Kristen admitted that he had done exactly that.At Brooke‘s house, Brooke invited Rick and Bridget to sit down and discuss the future of Forrester Creations. She explained the plan to distribute the stocks of Forrester among all of Eric‘s children. The current plan gave both Rick and Bridget controlling interest and left Ridge with very little. Neither Rick nor Bridget thought that was fair. They thought Brooke should do what she thought was best with the company. They thought Ridge should run the company since he had worked harder and longer than anyone else. Bridget and Rick both agreed that Brooke could give Ridge just enough of the stock she intended to give them for Ridge to have controlling interest. Amber listened to the discussion with great interest.At the Bel Air mansion, Taylor found Ridge alone in the living room. She showed him her own personal copy of Eye on Fashion magazine. Ridge found his cover story ironic and told Taylor of his father‘s plan to distribute the Forrester stock. Taylor assumed Ridge would end up with 30% or 40% and was shocked to hear he‘d have less than 10%. Ridge ranted about how he couldn‘t believe his father would treat him in such a shabby manner. Taylor agreed that Eric wasn‘t doing what was best for the company, but she understood he thought he was being fair to all his children. Ridge said he should maybe quit Forrester and start his own company. The conversation was interrupted by a phone call from Brooke. She told Ridge that she, Rick, and Bridget had decided to give him enough stock to give him controlling interest. She invited both he and Taylor over to sign the papers. After hanging up, Ridge was ecstatic. He told Taylor he had a good feeling about what was going to happen.Upstairs at Brooke‘s house, Amber talked to Rick about his decision. She wasn‘t so sure that he should give any of his stock to Ridge. She thought he should think about the future of his family. He was about to have two children. Just as Eric Senior had thought about all his children‘s legacy, Rick should do the same. Rick understood what Amber was saying, but pointed out he had already agreed to give up the stock. Amber said he should simply change his mind. He always wanted to be the good guy - to keep the peace. But it was time to think about his own well being - and that of his children. Rick thought about what Amber had said.