Ep. #3578

Season 15, Episode 66 -  Air Date: 6/22/2001
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Back in Africa, Kristen and Tony prepared to leave their cabana for home. Kristen was looking at their vacation photos and found the one they had taken of themselves with Zende. They both commented what a wonderful boy he was. A hotel employee came to get their bags. They discussed Zende, the African AIDS crisis and the future with the employee. He explained that there were 60 million orphaned children in Africa with no relief in site. It would take a miracle to turn things around. After the bellhop left, Tony suggested they pray for something to be done about the problems they had seen. Zende arrived to say good bye. He presented Kristen with a bracelet and Tony with a small, cardboard African mask. He had made both items. The couple was touched by his generosity and Kristen offered him money in return. Zende said he would not take the money. They had already given him something - and he touched his heart. The driver returned to take Kristen and Tony to the airport. During a tearful good bye, Kristen gave Zende the photo of the three of them. Zende was thrilled to have it and tightly hugged the couple goodbye. Kristen said she would never forget Zende. As the car drove off, Zende looked at the photo and cried. Meanwhile, Massimo and Sally chatted in his office. He told Sally about his gift of pie to Ridge. Sally admitted that it was an ingenious idea. However, what if Ridge took the hint and demanded more of a stake in Forrester Creations and Eric gave it to him? That would make non-father and son closer than ever. Massimo admitted that was a possibility. If that happened, Massimo would be happy for his son. In Eric‘s office at Forrester Creations, Stephanie invited Ridge to join in on the estate planning for their Forrester stock. Eric welcomed a chance to explain his plan and pulled out a handy white marker board for some visual aid. He drew a pie chart complete with letters and numbers - how impressive. Stephanie and Eric own 49% of the Forrester stock. Eric explained that he wanted to divide that stock among their children. He was going to divide their (almost) half of the pie into five pieces. One fifth would each go to Eric and Stephanie‘s children: Ridge, Thorne, Kristen, and Felicia. The final fifth would be divided among Eric‘s children with Brooke: Rick and Bridget. So that means Rick and Bridget would each get 4.9% of the total Forrester stock. Ridge, Thorne, Kristen, and Felicia would then each get approximately 9.8% of the total Forrester stock. Ridge was surprised at the small portion he‘d receive, but didn‘t fly off the handle. He asked what would happen to Brooke‘s 51%. She explained that she intended to divide her stock between Rick and Bridget. Ridge quickly calculated that his half-brother and half-sister would get 25.5% of the total stock from Brooke, giving them each a total of 30.4%! Ridge would certainly not have controlling interest.Then, Ridge flew off the handle! He couldn‘t‘ believe that after all the hard work he had put into Forrester he would own less than 10% when his parents died! He was the obvious choice to run the company in the future, but he could not do that properly if he didn‘t have controlling interest in it. Stephanie made it clear that she agreed with Ridge. Brooke said she could not get involved. It was a matter between Ridge and his parents. Eric said he was only trying to be fair to all his children. Ridge had been compensated with a generous salary for all his years of hard work. He said that even if he gave Ridge the entire 49%, he still wouldn‘t have controlling interest in the company. Ridge pointed out that Rick and Bridget each get half of their mother‘s stock, so he really only needed enough of the stock to have more than them to have controlling interest. He had worked hard for the company and wanted what he deserved. Eric said he could not deny his other children their legacy simply because they had chosen other paths in life. Ridge was furious and said he was sorry he had given so much time and effort to a design house that didn‘t appreciate him! He would not forget this snub. Oh no, he would not forget it.Ridge stormed out! Stephanie was pretty mad herself and Eric squinted his eyes in frustration!