Ep. #3574

Season 15, Episode 62 -  Air Date: 12/13/2001
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It‘s a new day. Kristen and Tony‘s tour guide took them to Haven of Hope, the orphanage in town. He showed them a small door where parents could leave their children anonymously. Once inside, Kristen and Tony were shocked to see so many tiny children living in the orphanage. They spotted Zende who introduced them to Mama Tisha, the woman in charge of the place. We learned that there are about 60 children living at the orphanage. There was need for much more housing than that, but they could not take any more. Most of the children‘s parents had died of AIDS. Many of the children were sick themselves, but they were not tested. It would not matter because there was not enough money for medications for the children. Zende had told Tony and Kristen his family died in a car crash because he was afraid of rejection. The stigma of AIDS was very great in Africa. Kristen and Tony held the newest arrival. Zende helped take care of the smaller children. Kristen put a small girl to bed. Tony played a card game with Zende. All the while, the newlyweds kept exchanging pained, knowing glances at each other. Back at the Forrester guest house Eric and Rick packed up stuff as Rick and Amber prepared to move into Brooke‘s place. Stephanie and Amber cried and said they‘d miss each other. Amber said Stephanie had been the best mother she ever could have asked for. Rick told them to stop crying, they‘d see each other all the time. After the kids left with Little Eric, Stephanie thought the move might be a good thing because there‘d be someone to keep an eye on Brooke. Eric said he thought Brooke‘s trouble-making days were over. Stephanie rolled her eyes and said she had thought Brooke was out of their lives too many times in the past. Brooke would always be a problem. Stephanie then suggested Eric make them a couple of strong martinis and they‘d kick back and enjoy the huge mansion all alone.Meanwhile, Megan stopped by to talk with a really distraught Brooke. Megan told Brooke that it was not a good idea for Rick and Amber to move into her house. They would figure out something was up in no time at all. Brooke said it was too late. She had agreed to the arrangement and if she backed out now, everyone would certainly know she was hiding something. Brooke had decided to tell everyone that she had dated a man for a couple of weeks and he had run off when he learned she was pregnant. Megan said that would never work because Deacon would figure out the truth when he learned she was pregnant. Brooke agreed that Deacon would not stay quiet if he knew he had a child. Megan then suggested that abortion was an option. She offered to help Brooke make all the arrangements. Brooke related the story of her pregnancy with Rick. Eric was the father and Brooke thought he was going to reunite with Stephanie at first. Brooke scheduled an abortion, but couldn‘t go through with it. That baby had been Rick, the light of her life. So there was no way she could have an abortion. It was not an option.Then, Rick and Amber arrived. Amber took Little Eric upstairs. Rick told his mother that he had a good feeling about them moving into the house. He thought it would be a good thing for everyone.