Ep. #3573

Season 15, Episode 61 -  Air Date: 6/15/2001
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At Massimo‘s office, Massimo told Sally that if she truly cared for him, she would not tell anyone that he was Ridge‘s father. Sally laughed because that was exactly the tactic Stephanie was using to keep Massimo quiet. Sally wanted revenge, but Massimo told her that would accomplish nothing. The truth would come out and the Forresters would band together more tightly than ever. In fact, both Sally and he would then have lost their children. Massimo explained that he did indeed have a plan to eventually tell Ridge the truth, but it was a scheme that would take some time. Sally wondered what she would do while she was waiting for the House of Forrester to crumble. Massimo hinted perhaps they could get to know each other better. Sally thought it was ironic that he would bring such an idea up at this point because she had been trying to convince him that they could be good together for quite some time. Massimo took Sally in his arms and planted a kiss on her lips. Nonetheless, Sally swooned and was convinced not to let the cat out of the bag. Massimo promised a night on the town the following evening. After Sally left, Massimo seemed pleased with himself, but scared of what he had to do at the same time.In Africa, Kristen asked the young boy who had come into their room what he was doing. He explained she had dropped some film in the town earlier in the day and he wanted to return it to her. He knew she was on her honeymoon and knew exactly where they would be staying. When Tony came back, the boy hid. A hotel employee followed Tony and told the couple they had been chasing a local youth and they should be careful with their valuables. Once the employee left, Tony and Kristen talked with the boy. They learned his name was Zende. He said both his mother and brother had died in a car crash and he lived in the local orphanage. Kristen and Tony were both impressed with Zende‘s good manners and happy personality. Tony gave the boy some money for returning the film and Kristen promised that they would visit him at the orphanage the next day. After Zende left, Kristen and Tony wondered if his family had actually died of AIDS. Tony knew it was the leading cause of death where ever they were honeymooning. He thought they might be able to help Zende when they visited the orphanage. Kristen cried that he was just one of millions.Rick, Amber, and Bridget showed up at Brooke‘s house with dinner. They had been worried about her lately. Brooke explained that she was just going through a rough time and hadn‘t been feeling too well. Rick thought it was time for the kids to take care of their mother for a change. As the kids prepared dinner, Brooke eavesdropped and heard them discussing how she (Brooke) had seemed distant lately. Bridget said she missed the closeness she and her mother had once shared. Brooke lamented that she was carrying her daughter‘s husband‘s baby and worried that she could not hide the pregnancy much longer. As the foursome sat down to dinner, Rick asked Bridget to help him look for a new apartment over the weekend. He and Amber needed someplace larger since they would soon have a second child. Amber added that she wanted to find someplace with a pool because Little Eric loved to swim. Bridget came up with the grand idea that Rick and Amber should move in with Brooke! She said that Brooke was lonely in that big house and Rick and Amber could use the room, the pool, and everyone could help each other out. Rick thought it was a great idea because he would be traveling a lot for work. Amber and Brooke didn‘t like the idea much but Rick thought it would be a great way for him to give back to his mother after all she had done for him.Brooke burst into tears and said it wasn‘t true. She was a horrible mother and had made so many mistakes. Bridget comforted her mother and said they all loved her. There was nothing Brooke could do to destroy her (Bridget‘s) love for her mother.