Ep. #3572

Season 15, Episode 60 -  Air Date: 6/14/2001
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By the Café Russe ladies‘ room, Sally asked Massimo if it was true that he was Ridge‘s biological father. Massimo tried to tell the her that she had misunderstood. But as Sally started to cause a scene, Massimo hauled her out of the place and took her to his office. There, Massimo was forced to admit that he was indeed Ridge‘s biological father. He explained how Stephanie had not known the truth until Ridge‘s accident when both she and Eric had donated blood. The blood types had shown that Eric could not be Ridge‘s father. Sally was beside herself. She was overjoyed that she now had something to ruin the Forrester family. She would finally get revenge for Macy‘s death. Massimo told Sally that he had been convinced not to let the cat out of the bag. Ridge already hated him and this news would drive him farther away. Sally felt pity for Massimo, but said she didn‘t care about his future with his son. She wanted to make the Forresters pay for what they had done to Macy.Over at Forrester Creations, Stephanie, Eric and Ridge entered Eric‘s office. Ridge was livid that his mother had spent time speaking to Massimo on his birthday. He asked his mother to never see Massimo again. Stephanie said he could not dictate who she could and could not see. Ridge said it was clear that Massimo had some hold over her. Stephanie replied that they were simply old friends. Ridge figured Massimo had feelings for Stephanie and was certain he had some reason for wanting to disrupt the Forrester family. Stephanie denied there was any such reason. In fact, she screamed that if Massimo ever threatened her family in any way, she would cut him out of her life. She would make sure that Massimo never approached Ridge again. Frustrated, Ridge and Eric left Stephanie alone in the office. She called Massimo and told him that he had to stay away from the Forrester family. She was sorry about the way it had worked out, but that was the way it had to be.Back at Massimo‘s office, Sally guessed what Stephanie had called and said. Sally was more determined than ever to make the Forresters pay for trying to ruin everyone‘s lives. Massimo yelled that Sally was not to breath a word of Ridge‘s true paternity to anyone.Meanwhile, in Africa, Kristen and Tony returned to their hut. They discussed the children they had seen in the street begging for money. They agreed they were blessed to have found each other and they were lucky in so many ways. After they kissed, Kristen explained that she knew something miraculous was going to come of their relationship. When raised voices were heard outside, Tony left to investigate. While Kristen looked out the door, what appeared to be a young local boy snuck into the room from the terrace. When Kristen noticed him, she started to call for Tony. The young man asked her not to let anyone know he was there.