Ep. #3571

Season 15, Episode 59 -  Air Date: 6/13/2001
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At the Furnace Creek Hospital, Rick waited in the hallway while Amber was examined. When the doctor came out of the room, he told Rick that they would have test results in a short while. He could visit Amber in the meantime. Rick went into Amber‘s room and they discussed that the doctor seemed to think the baby was going to be OK. Amber said she shouldn‘t have brought Rick out to the desert. Rick disagreed and said it was exactly what he had needed. He realized how much he did love Amber and his family. He said that the reason it hurt him so badly when Amber lied to him was because he loved her so. He then promised that what was in the past was past. They would meet the future together. Amber was ecstatic. But then the doctor returned and said Amber had a strep infection. That could be treated with penicillin. However, in her examination, they discovered that she had an inflammationof the kidney. Normally, that wouldn‘t be much of a concern, but Amber only had one kidney. The problem could be treated with cortisone, but that couldn‘t be used on pregnant women. The only solution was a restricted diet and lots of rest. The doctor warned them that it could be a very difficult pregnancy. After the doctor left, Amber said she didn‘t regret giving Rick her kidney. The couple agreed they would work together to ensure the health of their unborn child.At Spectra Fashions, Darla worried that Sally would only make matters worse if she went to Café Ruse and confronted Massimo and the Forresters. Sally replied that she cared deeply for Massimo and wanted to try and help him out. She worried that whatever secret he and Stephanie were keeping was dangerous. Sally was going to protect her friend (Massimo).At the Café Ruse, Massimo was just about to tell Ridge the truth when Stephanie returned to the table. Eric and Ridge encouraged Massimo to spit out what he had to say and be gone. Stephanie insisted that Massimo talk to her in private and Massimo agreed. After they left, Ridge and Eric wondered what Massimo had to say. They knew it was trouble or he wouldn‘t have interrupted a family gathering. They didn‘t see Sally arrive and slip behind them in her attempt to find Massimo.Stephanie and Massimo stood outside the ladies‘ room. Massimo argued that Ridge was not fulfilling his destiny. He was a born leader. He was not meant to be making dresses for the rich and famous. Eric was a weak father and Ridge needed to know from whence he came. Stephanie countered that Ridge was fulfilling his destiny. Perhaps Eric had been sent to be Ridge‘s father for a reason. Telling Ridge the truth now would only cause him pain and heartache. If Massimo truly loved his son, then would not tell him the truth. It would only hurt Ridge. She added that if Massimo did tell anyone the truth, she would never speak to him again. The entire Forrester family would hate Massimo and pull ranks around Ridge to protect him. Massimo would be shooting himself in the foot if he dared to tell the truth. With that threat, Stephanie stormed off.Neither of them had noticed that Sally had been hiding behind a potted plant close to them and heard the entire conversation. After Queen Stephanie was gone, Sally came out of hiding and asked Massimo if it was true. Was he really Ridge‘s natural father?