Ep. #3570

Season 15, Episode 58 -  Air Date: 6/12/2001
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Amber and Rick continued their conversation in the desert at the grave of their child. Rick said he knew that Amber wanted him to forgive and forget, but she had burned him in the past when he trusted her before. He wasn‘t sure he could do what she wanted. Amber said she understood and she didn‘t blame him for the way he felt. However, she could not live with her husband if he didn‘t try to express any kind of love towards her. She decided she would stay with her aunt and uncle in Furnace Creek. Amber told Rick she would not use the baby against him. She would keep him informed of the baby‘s progress and call him after each doctor‘s visit. Rick said he did want Amber to be a part of his life. He didn‘t want her to move away from him. Amber was thrilled to hear that news, but said she needed more than what he was offering. She needed to feel loved. Rick asked what it would take to convince her to return to Los Angeles with him. Amber replied that he needed to believe that she was a changed person. She would never again do anything that would endanger the stability of her marriage or her family. Rick replied that he truly wanted to believe that was true. He asked if that was enough. Amber joyfully cried that it was plenty for the time being. She then doubled over in pain and cried for Rick to take her to the hospital.At Spectra Fashions, Darla and Sofia noticed that Sally was having a hard time concentrating on work. Darla guessed that Sally had a crush on Massimo. Sally admitted it was true, but that Massimo had a thing for Stephanie. Whatever it was between them, it was causing Massimo to behave strangely. Sally figured that the two of them had a secret and Sally intended to discover what it was. She had hired a private detective to find out what was going on. Just then, Sally got a call from her hired detective. She learned that Massimo and the Forresters were all at Café Ruse. Sally thought it was a good idea for her to go there as well. At the Café Ruse, the Forresters (Ridge, Eric, Stephanie, Thorne, Bridget, and Deacon) dined together in honor of Ridge‘s birthday. They didn‘t notice that Massimo was behind a potted plant listening to the entire exchange. Massimo grew angrier by the minute as he thought about how he had missed so much of his son‘s life. He knew it should be him at the table celebrating his son‘s birthday. He even had a fantasy sequence where he sat at the table in Eric‘s place. When Stephanie excused herself from the table, Massimo had a change of heart and decided she had been right. Ridge was happy and Massimo did not want to cause any waves. Mr. Marone paid his bill and got up to leave. But as he heard the family‘s laughter, he grew angry again and decided it was time to tell Ridge the truth. He walked up to the Forrester table. After Eric asked him to leave, Massimo said he was not going anywhere until he told Ridge what he had come to say.