Ep. #3568

Season 15, Episode 56 -  Air Date: 6/8/2001
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At the Forrester guest house, Amber was disappointed that Rick didn‘t seem interested in spending much time with her. He insisted that he needed to study for some exams. Dejected, Amber picked up messages and listened to a message from some dude at Forrester Creations telling them that Bridget had come to the office and borrowed a wedding gown. Rick was infuriated when he figured out Deacon had convinced Bridget to renew their wedding vows. Amber said she envied Deacon and Bridget for working out their problems. She wanted Rick to try and work on their own marriage. Rick said it would take some time. Amber said she was tired of him shutting her out. He never seemed concerned about her. She told Rick that she did not plan to give up on them. She would re-earn his trust.Deacon waited anxiously at the wedding chapel. Bridget showed up wearing a wedding dress! Bridget explained that this was their chance to have a fairy tale wedding. They had weathered a difficult patch in their relationship and she thought they should start with a clean slate. Deacon thought it would be a great idea to renew their vows. With the help of Father Rivera, the young couple pledged their love to one another. At the end of the impromptu ceremony, Deacon said absolutely nothing would keep tear them apart.Brooke and Megan stared at the stick of the pregnancy test and couldn‘t believe that Brooke was pregnant! Brooke freaked out. She couldn‘t believe that she had let this happen. She was intelligent woman. How could she have slept with her daughter‘s husband and gotten pregnant? Megan tried to make Brooke feel better by saying she had been devastated by the betrayal of her father and Deacon had taken advantage of her weakness. She had simply made a mistake. Brooke said the life growing inside her was not a mistake and insisted that Megan stop trying to make her feel better. Brooke then collapsed in tears and screamed that she felt so ashamed.