Ep. #3568

Season 15, Episode 54 -  Air Date: 6/6/2001
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Everyone gathered at the chapel for Tony and Kristen‘s wedding. Stephanie was surprised to find Bridget outside. She assumed Bridget was going to be Kristen‘s maid of honor. Bridget didn‘t have any idea who was going to stand up for her sister. Eric helped Tony tie his tie. Tony told Eric how happy he was to be marrying Kristen. Eric thought Kristen was pretty lucky too and told Tony to call him Dad. Ridge and Thorne arrived to lend some support. Meanwhile, Sally helped Kristen prepare in the bride‘s room. Sally had hired a professional hairdresser and makeup artist to make Kristen beautiful. Stephanie walked in and was stunned to find out Sally was going to be Kristen‘s maid of honor. Kristen explained that Sally had stood up for her and Tony through their courtship. Sally promised to behave during the ceremony. Eric knocked on the door and told the trio that it was time to start the service. A dejected Stephanie left for her seat. Everyone was seated in the chapel. Thorne and Ridge noticed that their mother looked upset. They figured out why when they saw Sally strutting down the aisle as matron of honor. Eric gave the Kristen away. Father Rivera told the assembled guests that Tony and Kristen‘s love was strong and should be an example to them all. Over at Forrester Creations, Megan found Brooke upset that she hadn‘t been invited to the wedding. They discussed how much they admired what Tony and Kristen were doing. Tony knew that Kristen was truly marrying him for who he was because of all the adversities they were destined to face. Brooke was upset to think that her daughter didn‘t have a similar marriage because Bridget had no idea what kind of man Deacon truly was. Brooke now had the ammunition she really needed to get Bridget to dump Deacon, but she couldn‘t use it because Bridget would never forgive her for sleeping with her husband. Megan poured some tea for Brooke, but Brooke felt nauseous! Morgan returned with some water for Brooke. Brooke refused even the water. She was took sick to think about swallowing anything. She had felt that way for a couple of days. Megan put two and two together. She asked Brooke if it was possible that she was pregnant. Brooke was dismayed at the thought.