Ep. #3567

Season 15, Episode 55 -  Air Date: 6/7/2001
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Kristen and Tony‘s wedding continued. Liliana and Stephanie got up and spoke of love and how wonderful it was for their children to get married. Bridget whispered to Deacon that she wished they could have had such a wedding. Amber tried to be romantic, but Rick could only look at her with scorn.Tony and Kirsten exchanged vows and rings. They were pronounced man and wife and kissed to the delight of the guests. Before walking down the aisle with Tony, Kristen hugged her father and told him that she loved him. Tony and Kristen walked into the chapel‘s courtyard where Tony picked up Kristen as they were showered with white rose petals. In the limousine, Tony presented Kristen with plane tickets to Africa. They were going on a safari! Back at the chapel, Eduardo and Lilliana and Stephanie and Eric congratulated each other on raising such fabulous children. In the front of the chapel, Deacon found Bridget gazing wistfully at a floral arrangement. He apologized for not giving her a proper fairy tale wedding. She admitted that weddings always got to her. She figured it must be the romance and all the family being together. She then smiled and asked Deacon to wait for her in the chapel. She ran to Father Rivera and whispered something in his ear. She then ran out the chapel doors leaving a perplexed Deacon to gaze wistfully at that floral arrangement.At Forrester Creations, Megan demanded to know if Brooke had used protection when she had sex with Deacon. Brooke was forced to admit that their first encounter had happened so fast that they had not used a condom! Megan was shocked and insisted she run out and buy a home pregnancy test. While Megan was at Walgreens, Brooke remembered the passion she had shared with Deacon and prayed she is not pregnant with Deacon‘s child. Megan returned. Brooke takes the pregnancy test. Although she is afraid to check the results, Brooke gazes at the test.