Ep. #3564

Season 15, Episode 52 -  Air Date: 6/4/2001
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Brooke wonders if Deacon played her for a fool, even though her instincts tell her he didn‘t. She decides that her best route is to be happy for Deacon and Bridget, and move on with her life. However, Brooke recalls her conversation with Deacon about ending his marriage, and says to herself that it was all a lie. She‘ll kill Deacon if he hurts Bridget. With everyone as a witness, Tony again asks Eric to be his best man. Eric says he has never questioned Tony‘s intentions, but intentions aren‘t good enough to protect his daughter from the passion that they feel for each other. Eric turns down Tony‘s request. Eduardo believes the comment is an insult to his entire family, and starts to leave. Kristen tells her father that he has taken the most significant day in her life and trashed it. The priest makes a deeply affecting speech to the group about Tony and Kristen. He says that Kristen and Tony have a difficult path in front of them, but he also knows that something truly miraculous lies ahead for them because of it. Eric is affected by the priest‘s words, and finally agrees to stand up for Tony as his best man.