Ep. #3511

Season 14, Episode 249 -  Air Date: 3/21/2001
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Amber decides that she has to talk to Rick, but Brooke orders her to admit that it‘s over. Brooke tells Amber to allow Rick to live his life and thinks that she should move on. Deacon tells Brooke to butt out when she begins insulting Amber. Brooke storms out, declaring that Amber had better stay away from Rick. Rick meets with Stephanie and informs her that Brooke being against his wedding plans is getting him down. Rick states that Amber and the baby make him happy and Stephanie believes that once Brooke sees it, then she‘ll come around. Morgan fantasizes about kissing Ridge as they work on some designs, Catherine interupts with Phoebe so Morgan heads home. Tim allows Steffy into the locked room where Taylor is being kept. Taylor attempts to convince Tim to release her, but Morgan cathes him.