Ep. #3510

Season 14, Episode 248 -  Air Date: 3/20/2001
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Rick arrives at the party for the tennis awards. Jennifer and Amanda are handed trophy‘s. Amanda presents Rick with his award and a kiss. Rick later takes Amanda aside and crushes her hopes when he tells her that he loves Amber. Amber acts confident that Rick loves her but Brooke urges her to look at the photographs. Amber is angry at what she sees, but Brooke states that it‘s proof of what Rick really wants. Brooke thinks Amber should now take herself out of Rick‘s life forever. Ridge tells Stephanie that he is growing scared as Taylor still hasn‘t been in contact with him or the kids. Morgan makes herself look gorgeous before heading out, leaving Tim to look after Steffy. Morgan heads over to see Ridge to do some late night work with him. Meanwhile, Tim is uncomfortable keeping Taylor locked in the basement. He takes Steffy down and allows Taylor to see her.