Ep. #3509

Season 14, Episode 247 -  Air Date: 3/19/2001
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Tim is stunned as Taylor screams to be released like a caged animal. Tim tells Morgan to let Taylor go, but Morgan insists that she can‘t or she‘ll go to jail. Tim refuses to have anything to do with it, but Morgan fakes some tears and acts vulnerable, stating that she loves Tim and needs his help. Brooke and Thorne tell Eric how happy Rick was being with his friends and away from Amber. Eric is surprised when Brooke shows him the photos of Rick and Amanda. Amber and Rick go back to Deacon‘s with the baby, but he heads off when Amanda invites him to a party. Deacon plays on Amber‘s insecurities, telling her that she is no longer important to Rick. Brooke later barges in and bickers with Amber about her relationship with Rick. Brooke hands Amber the photographs.