Ep. #3508

Season 14, Episode 246 -  Air Date: 3/14/2001
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Tim is concerned that Steffy isn‘t eating and the banging continues from the basement. Morgan realises that she has to tell Tim. He promises to stand by her as she confesses the whole truth and shows him that Taylor is locked in the fallout shelter of the basement. Amber prepares a banner to wish Rick a good welcome home. Deacon isn‘t impressed that Amber is taking the baby to the airport, but she is excited to be seeing Rick. Everyone boards the plane to return to Los Angeles. Brooke is thrilled that Charlie caught Rick and Amanda kissing. Rick apologises to Amanda for kissing her, blaming it on the alcohol, but promises to stay friends. Amber waits at the airport as Rick returns. Rick and Amber head off with the baby as Brooke tells Thorne that these are Amber‘s final moments with Rick.