Ep. #3507

Season 14, Episode 245 -  Air Date: 3/13/2001
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Brooke informs Thorne of her plan to have Charlie catch Rick and Amanda in a compromising position. Thorne isn‘t pleased and compares Brooke to Stephanie. Brooke snaps that Rick is far too young to have a wife. Amber is stunned when Deacon hints that he loves her. Amber makes it clear that her future is with Rick. Deacon wonders why Rick and Amber haven‘t yet married, to which Amber blames Deacon. Amber calls Rick but Charlie tells her that Rick is busy. Charlie and Jennifer egg Rick and Amanda into kissing when they fail their task whilst playing spin the bottle. Rick later confesses to Amanda that he is worried about Amber having dinner with Deacon. They drink beer as Amanda doubts Rick‘s relationship with Amber and kisses him on the cheek. As she continues, Rick finally gives in as Charlie secretly takes photographs.