Ep. #3506

Season 14, Episode 244 -  Air Date: 3/12/2001
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Amber goes to the Cafe Russe thinking she has been invited by Rick but finds Deacon waiting for her. He tells her that he just wanted to do something nice for her to cheer her up. Eric is dining alone across from them and is furious that Amber is having dinner with Deacon and he calls Brooke, she urges him to tell Rick. Thorne wonders if coming between Rick and Amber is really the right thing to do, Brooke reminds Charlie to be on the lookout with his camera. Rick tries to call Amber but gets no response. Eric calls Rick and informs him that Amber and Deacon are at the Cafe Russe. Rick is very upset, but gets roped into playing spin the bottle with Charlie, Amanda and Jennifer. Charlie gets Amanda and Rick into a situation where they have to kiss, as he waits with his camera in hand.