Ep. #3505

Season 14, Episode 243 -  Air Date: 3/9/2001
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Amber informs Stephanie of Brooke‘s visit and her orders to call off the wedding. Stephanie feels Brooke is just concerned for Rick and assures Amber not to let it bother her. Charlie tries to convince Rick to enjoy himself with the girls, but he‘d rather be alone. Thorne and Brooke travel to San Francisco to see Rick in the tennis finals. Brooke secretly meets with Charlie and hands him a camera. Brooke wants Charlie to get Rick in a compromising position with Amanda. Thorne doesn‘t think that Brooke interfering in Rick‘s life is a good idea. Rick, Jennifer, Charlie and Amanda prepare for the final as Brooke and Thorne come in. Rick is thrilled to see them and is glad for their support. Charlie urges Amanda to go after Rick, while Brooke tells Thorne that Amber is on her way out of Rick‘s life for good.