Ep. #3504

Season 14, Episode 242 -  Air Date: 3/8/2001
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Bridget looks for a dress at Forrester Creations to wear on a night out. Stephanie drops in looking for Brooke as she would like her help in planning Rick and Amber‘s wedding. Thorne and Bridget tell her that Brooke is against the wedding. Stephanie hopes that Brooke stay out of it. Deacon guesses that Amber is worried about Rick as they shoot pool at The Lair. Brooke walks in and meets Deacon before ordering Amber to call off the wedding. Brooke tells Amber that Rick should be enjoying his life and only plans to marry her because of the baby. Deacon orders Brooke out when she insults Amber. Charlie, Jennifer and Amanda try to get Rick to go out but he declines. Charlie is annoyed when Rick sulks off. Brooke calls and gets Charlie, they discuss Amber and she realises Charlie could be a great help to her plans.