Ep. #3502

Season 14, Episode 240 -  Air Date: 3/6/2001
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Tim hears banging coming from Morgan‘s basement. She covers herself and then threatens Taylor into being quiet. Morgan returns to Tim and continues her story into making him vulnerable toward her. Morgan seduces him to seal the deal. Meanwhile, Taylor manages to cut the ropes binding her hands together. Thorne notices that Bridget has changed her image. Thorne mentions to her that it must be due to a guy. Brooke returns home and gushes with happiness about her breakthrough with Stephanie. Thorne is thrilled that Brooke and Stephanie are getting along. Brooke later mentions Rick and how she thinks he deserves better than getting involved with Amber again. Thorne is surprised, but agrees that Rick is too young to be tied to a wife and child. Brooke is determind to get Amber out of the picture.