Ep. #3501

Season 14, Episode 239 -  Air Date: 3/5/2001
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Rick tells Amber that he has made the tennis team and has to go away for a few days to take part in a tournament. Amber is stunned that he‘s concerned about tennis and not their relationship. Rick worries when Amber begins doubting his love for her. Charlie, Amanda and Jennifer walk in and Rick hides the truth from the girls about who Amber and the baby are. Amber is saddened when they whisk Rick away to the airport. Eric and Ridge work on some designs. Thorne pops in and Ridge admits that he hasn‘t heard from Taylor. Ridge worries that it‘s out of character for Taylor to not even call the kids. Morgan ties Taylor up again as she begs to be released. Morgan threatens to gag her if she doesn‘t keep quiet. Morgan panics as she needs help and calls Tim over. Morgan tells him how she was pregnant and was pushed over a balcony by Taylor. Tim is sucked into her story and feels sorry for her.