Ep. #3500

Season 14, Episode 238 -  Air Date: 3/2/2001
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Amber prepares herself for going to meet with Rick. Deacon laughs at the way Amber has dressed and wonders why she is so nervous. Amber heads out with the baby and Deacon feels that things aren‘t going to work out with Rick and Amber. Rick tells Eric that he has made the tennis team. Eric begins questioning Rick on if it is really the right time for him to marry Amber again. Rick and Amber meet at The Insomnia Cafe and Rick tells her that she isn‘t going to like what he has to say. Stephanie and Brooke bicker at the cabin over the nightgown Brooke is wearing. Stephanie feels this idea of bonding between them isn‘t going to work. An upset Brooke packs her things to leave as Stephanie finds a birthday gift from Brooke. Stephanie is filled with emotion as she finds that it‘s a photo album devoted to Stephanie‘s life. Stephanie cries and hugs Brooke.