Ep. #3499

Season 14, Episode 237 -  Air Date: 3/1/2001
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Deacon laughs at Amber as she reads up on stocks and shares in the newspaper. Deacon makes Amber admit that she would rather be playing pool with him than learning stock reports. Rick calls Amber and tells her that they need to talk. Sally goes to Eric with her sympathy over Steffy‘s death. Sally wishes to talk to Stephanie, but is shocked when Eric tells her that she is spending her birthday at the cabin with Brooke. Stephanie and Brooke gather fire wood while Stephanie hits her with sarcastic jibes. They have pizza delivered, which Stephanie hates the flavor of, and then Stephanie moans that Brooke is messy and has left her with the dirty dishes. Stephanie states that it‘s the worst birthday of her life. Meanwhile, Brooke works in the bedroom on a special gift for Stephanie.