Ep. #3498

Season 14, Episode 236 -  Air Date: 2/28/2001
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Sally sees Ridge sitting alone at The Insomnia Cafe. Sally gives him a bit of insight into what Taylor is really feeling. She knows how she felt when Macy died, but tries to make Ridge see that he and Taylor will move forward. Morgan and Taylor fight and Taylor is knocked unconscious again. When she comes to, Morgan has tied her up and locked her in a fallout shelter. Taylor begs Morgan to untie her, but Morgan warns her not to try anything. Morgan has trouble getting Steffy to eat. Tim drops in which frustrates Morgan, especially when he heads to the basement. Morgan forces him out of the house as Taylor bangs on the basement door, screaming to be released. Dr. Nunez listens as Brooke says she wants to put all the past bitterness with Stephanie behind them. Dr. Nunez suggests Stephanie and Brooke go to Big Bear and spend time together to work on their friendship. Stephanie is sarcastic and doesn‘t want to be at the cabin with Brooke.