Ep. #3497

Season 14, Episode 235 -  Air Date: 2/27/2001
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Stephanie tells Eric about Brooke‘s suggestion that they see a psychiatrist. Stephanie is stunned when Eric feels it‘s a good idea. Stephanie says she isn‘t ready to even attempt to be friends with Brooke, but Eric asks her to do it for the family. Brooke meets with Dr. Nunez and he wonders where Stephanie is. Brooke hopes Stephanie will show up as she talks about how much Stephanie‘s respect means to her. Dr. Nunez is about to leave as Stephanie makes her presence. Thorne tries to reassure Ridge that Taylor will return as Ridge beats himself up for Steffy‘s death. Taylor grabs Steffy and attempts to leave but Morgan knocks her out with a statue. Tim calls and notices the fear in Morgan‘s voice as she quickly hangs up. Morgan drags Taylor‘s body into the basement. Taylor comes to, grabs Morgan‘s leg, pulls her to the floor and the two women struggle.