Ep. #3496

Season 14, Episode 234 -  Air Date: 2/26/2001
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Brooke notices that Bridget is happy about something and learns that Bridget has met a guy that she likes. Bridget admits that she doesn‘t yet know his name, but hopes to see him again. Eric is concerned that Taylor has left but Stephanie starts to understand her reason for doing so. Stephanie feels that Morgan should be fired from the company and heads to see Brooke. Brooke reminds Stephanie of why she can‘t fire Morgan. Brooke tells Stephanie that she is tired of Stephanie always blaming her for everything and suggests they see a therapist to deal with their relationship. Morgan tries to convince Taylor that she is hearing things. Morgan attempts to throw Taylor out but she refuses to leave. Taylor hears Steffy again and Morgan screams at Taylor as she heads up the stairs and finds Steffy.