Ep. #3495

Season 14, Episode 233 -  Air Date: 2/23/2001
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Ridge wakes to find Taylor packing her bags. Ridge tries to get her to stop but she says she isn‘t sane enough to stay. Stephanie shows up as Catherine brings Phoebe and Thomas in. Taylor asks them to understand that she needs time alone. Saying goodbye to the children, she leaves. Stephanie assures Ridge that Taylor needs her children and will be back soon. Stephanie mentions Morgan being back in town, but Ridge snaps at her. Morgan has trouble feeding Steffy as she cries for Taylor. Tim drops in and Morgan pretends that she is losing it. Tim promises to help her and Morgan guesses Tim will come in handy. Later, Morgan is horrified when she finds Taylor at her door. Taylor blasts Morgan for ruining her life. Taylor goes to leave, but hears Steffy call out for her from upstairs.