Ep. #3493

Season 14, Episode 231 -  Air Date: 2/21/2001
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Bridget giggles with her friend Betsy as Deacon enters Manniquins. Betsy realizes that Bridget is seriously attracted to him. Deacon comes over and flirts with Bridget. Eric, Stephanie, Thorne and Brooke share dinner. Brooke and Stephanie manage to get on well until Stephanie begins urging Brooke to fire Morgan. Brooke refuses out of fear of a law suit. Morgan tries to get Steffy to bed but she cries for Ridge and Taylor. Morgan is furious when she finds the nanny hanging around. Norita becomes suspicious and Morgan blasts her for being nosy. Morgan fires her and threatens her family if she ever opens her mouth. Norita runs from the house. Ridge finds Taylor sitting in the darkness. He suggests they remove some of Steffy‘s things from the house, but she snaps that Steffy will be coming home soon. Ridge is concerned for his wife.