Ep. #3492

Season 14, Episode 230 -  Air Date: 2/20/2001
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Morgan has some drinks with Megan at Manniquins. Megan is glad to see that she is happier these days. A geeky guy recognises Morgan from when he counseled her after her abortion. Megan laughs at his attempts to flirt, but Morgan takes his business card and agrees to catch up with Dr. Tim Reid. The waitress at The Lair, Alexandra, mentions that Deacon has changed since Amber and the baby have come into his life. She realizes that he has a big thing for Amber. Bridget talks to her friends at Manniquins about when she met Deacon, although she doesn‘t know his name. Stephanie and Eric have dinner with Brooke and Thorne. Brooke hopes it will be a milestone for herself and Stephanie. They take a photograph and Brooke kisses Stephanie on the cheek.