Ep. #3490

Season 14, Episode 228 -  Air Date: 2/16/2001
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Stephanie storms in on Ridge and Brooke working, angry that he isn‘t at home with Taylor. Ridge explains that Taylor won‘t allow him to get close. Brooke informs Stephanie that Morgan is back. Stephanie does some digging in Morgan‘s office and finds Morgan‘s address on some paperwork to do with her new house. Morgan flips out at Norita for bathing Steffy. Stephanie shows up, so Morgan orders Norita to hide upstairs with Steffy. Stephanie demands to know what Morgan is up to. Taylor seeks advice from an old colleague named Sydney, whom insists that Taylor get away for a while to think. Deacon tries to make Amber see that Rick isn‘t right for her. Amber tells Deacon that he has no chance of charming her and is going to marry Rick as soon as possible. Charlie, a college friend of Rick‘s, tells him that he is too young settle down with Amber. Two other friends, Amanda and Jennifer come by. Amanda flirts with Rick. Amber isn‘t impressed when she returns home.