Ep. #3489

Season 14, Episode 227 -  Air Date: 2/15/2001
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Bridget is angered when Deacon bumps into her at The Insomnia Cafe and spills coffee all over her. Having never met him before, Bridget is attracted to him and asks him to buy her a coffee. Neither of them introduce themselves but flirt as they share conversation. Morgan hires a spanish speaking nanny to take care of Steffy while she heads to the office. Morgan warns her not to take "Stacey" out of the house. Norita, the nanny, is concerned when she baths Steffy and red hair dye comes out on her hands. Brooke tries to comfort Ridge as he tells her how Taylor is blaming him for Steffy‘s death. Brooke insists that Taylor feels guilty herself and needs Ridge more than ever. Morgan comes by and Ridge blasts her for being there. Ridge blames Morgan for the reason he went to St. Thomas in the first place. Stephanie stops by to see Taylor, but she isn‘t interested in comfort. Stephanie fears for Taylor‘s sanity when she begins insisting that Steffy is still alive.