Ep. #3488

Season 14, Episode 226 -  Air Date: 2/14/2001
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Deacon heads into The Insomnia Cafe where he finds Stephanie drinking coffee alone. Stephanie thinks Deacon is in love with Amber and using the baby to get to her. Deacon denies it, but asks Stephanie to think about the fact that Rick and Amber are not right for one another. Ridge tries to get Taylor to open up to him but she snaps that she needs Steffy. Ridge feels Taylor is blaming him, to which she doesn‘t deny. Taylor feels that they should never have gone to St. Thomas. Taylor leaves, insisting that she needs to be alone. Morgan reads Steffy a storybook and convinces Steffy that she can become the girl in the story. Morgan dyes Steffy‘s hair red and tells her that her new name is Stacey. Steffy calls for her mom, but Morgan again tells Steffy that she is her mother now.