Ep. #3487

Season 14, Episode 225 -  Air Date: 2/13/2001
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Rick stops by to see Brooke to discuss his issues about Amber and Deacon but Brooke only thinks Rick should wait to get married. Rick is angry with this and thought Brooke had moved on from her hatred for Amber. Brooke later asks Bridget‘s opinion, who states that while she isn‘t Amber‘s biggest fan, she does make Rick happy. Amber prepares little Eric for a visit with Rick. Deacon begins insulting Rick, which only angers Amber. He begins hinting that he is a better man for her, but she shoots him down. Offended, he leaves as Rick comes over. Rick and Amber spend time alone with the baby, Amber and Rick are busy laughing and insulting Deacon when he opens the apartment door and overhears all they are saying.