Ep. #3486

Season 14, Episode 224 -  Air Date: 2/12/2001
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Amber returns to Deacon‘s place after the memorial service and lashes out at him for no reason. Amber snaps that he needs to child-proof the apartment. Deacon returns and sets up devices on cupboards and windows. Amber is impressed when he is able to throw away his cigarettes and smut magazines. Taylor sobs in her bedroom as Ridge tries to get her to eat. Taylor refuses and beats herself up for not being a better mother. Ridge attempts to make Taylor go to bed but she is unable to sleep, she holds Phoebe as if never to let go. Morgan asks the captain if he has what she needs. He brings Steffy in as Morgan hands him some cash. He tells of how he drugged Steffy and smuggled her back to Los Angeles. He attempts to seduce Morgan but he realizes that she is a lunatic when she threatens to kill him. Morgan tells Steffy that she is her mother now.