Ep. #3485

Season 14, Episode 223 -  Air Date: 2/9/2001
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Sally reads about Steffy‘s death and CJ finds it hard to believe. Darla says that everything happens for a reason, but Sally snaps that it isn‘t the case. Reminded of Macy, Sally feels there was no reason for her death. Ridge and Taylor gather at a chapel for Steffy‘s memorial. Jack arrives and comforts his daughter whom obsessively checks on Thomas and Phoebe. Taylor sobs as Phoebe asks Catherine where Steffy is. Morgan sneaks in, hiding her face by a black veil and sits at the back as Jack says a few words. Stephanie reads a prayer and Ridge talks of all that he wanted for Steffy. Morgan quickly leaves when her pager goes off and arriving home, she gets a visitor from the captain of the fishing boat that Ridge and Taylor used in the Caribbean.