Ep. #3484

Season 14, Episode 222 -  Air Date: 2/8/2001
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Brooke and Thorne are called to Eric and Stephanie‘s house. They wonder what has happened and are horrified when they are told about Steffy‘s shark attack. They all head over to Ridge and Taylor‘s where Catherine informs them of what happened. Taylor refuses to leave her bedroom and sobs in the dark. Brooke offers comfort to Ridge as he tries to make sence of the fact that his daughter is dead. Stephanie goes to Taylor and supports her as she breaks down in her arms. Morgan is shown a house by a realtor. Morgan insists that it has to be quiet and wonders why there are helicopters flying above. Morgan learns that the house is just across the canyon from Ridge and Taylor‘s and the helicopters are covering the news. Morgan buys the house flat out. Later whilst watching the TV, Morgan hears the story of Steffy‘s shark attack and is pleased by the news.