Ep. #3483

Season 14, Episode 221 -  Air Date: 2/7/2001
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Brooke is stunned when she finds Morgan waiting in her office. Morgan explains how she has taken control of life, thus returning to Los Angeles. Brooke reminds Morgan that she was fired, but Morgan threatens Brooke with a law suit for cutting her contract short and informs Brooke that she will return to work the following day. Eric learns that Steffy is missing and tells Stephanie. She is devastated and wants to head to St. Thomas, but Eric advises her that they need to stay and prepare for the worst. Taylor becomes hysterical when the coast guard brings in Steffy‘s life jacking, torn to shreds. They learns that it was the result of a shark attack. Taylor orders them to keep searching for her daughter, but he claims that the chances of Steffy being alive are very slim.