Ep. #3482

Season 14, Episode 220 -  Air Date: 2/6/2001
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Amber informs Rick and Eric of Deacon‘s plans. Eric has Jonathan go over the document that states if Amber live with Deacon for four months, upon payment of $1,000,000, Amber gets full custody. Rick feels Deacon is up to something, but Amber insists that Deacon just wants the chance to bond with his son. A waitress at The Lair named Alexandra is shocked to see Deacon cleaning his apartment and throwing out his alcohol and cigarettes. Deacon tells her that he needs to be a responsible father. Alex is stunned and questions if it has more to do with impressing Amber. Rick and Amber show up and sign the papers on the condition that Rick can see the baby too. Ridge has to hold a shaken Taylor as she screams at the coast guard to find Steffy. Promising that they will find her daughter, he later returns with the news that they have found something.