Ep. #3481

Season 14, Episode 219 -  Air Date: 2/5/2001
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Amber calls Rick and informs him that Deacon wants to be a good father to his son after the run in with his step-father Daryl. Amber is concerned when Deacon returns from a meeting with a lawyer. Handing her a document he tells her that under this agreement the baby lives with him for four months, during which Amber lives with him too so he can bond with the baby, then he will give her full custody. She flat out refuses, so Deacon snaps that he‘ll keep the baby for life. Brooke and Thorne gush with happiness about their new married life together. In the Carribean, Taylor and Ridge are scared as the boat suddenly tips. Taylor screams out to Thomas and holds him tight. As things calm, Catherine rushes on deck and confirms that Phoebe is safe. They are all horrified when they realize that Steffy is missing.