Ep. #3480

Season 14, Episode 218 -  Air Date: 2/2/2001
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Rick stops by to see Brooke and tells her that Amber has taken the baby back to Deacon‘s. Rick tells of his hopes that he and Amber will have the baby back with them soon. Brooke warns him not to get his hopes up. Amber is horrified to find Deacon‘s apartment a total mess and Deacon cut and beaten. Deacon admits that his step-father beat him and it made him realize that he needs to be a real father to his own son. Amber is upset and angry. Sally digs from information when Clarke clams up at the mention of Morgan‘s name. Sally informs Clarke that Morgan left town. Ridge and Taylor enjoy the ride as they sail across the ocean. Catherine takes the twins to bed as Thomas remains with them. Ridge and Taylor head out on deck and are concerned when a strong wind begins to blow in and the boat begins to rock.