Ep. #3479

Season 14, Episode 217 -  Air Date: 2/1/2001
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Deacon isn‘t impressed when Daryl trashes his apartment and then lays around all day smoking and drinking beer. Daryl insults Deacon‘s mother and then discovers a photograph of little Eric. Daryl begins asking Deacon for money, to which he refuses. Daryl beats Deacon, steals his wallet and flees. Amber and Rick spend time with the baby. Amber feels that Deacon is softening and will allow them to keep the baby soon. Rick doesn‘t believe so. Ridge and Taylor tell the kids about a trip to an island that they are going to take. They are dissapointed when they are informed of the news that their boat to the island is having engine trouble. The resort worker tells them of a friend that can take them over so that they don‘t have to cancel their reservations. They all board the little fishing boat instead for the voyage.