Ep. #3478

Season 14, Episode 216 -  Air Date: 1/31/2001
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Ridge and Taylor exchange vows and pledge their past, present and future to one another. They later head back to their hotel room with the intention of having an evening of passion, but are interrupted by Catherine and the kids. They all end up sharing pizza and watching videos together. Amber tells Deacon that it isn‘t good for little Eric to stay at the apartment, but is shocked when Deacon allows her to take him for the night. Rick is busy venting his frustration to Bridget when Amber returns home with the baby. Deacon is later stunned when his step-father Daryl shows up. Daryl tells Deacon that he owes him for putting food in his mouth when he was a kid. Deacon allows Daryl to sleep there, but states that it‘s only for the one night.