Ep. #3476

Season 14, Episode 214 -  Air Date: 1/29/2001
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Thorne and Brooke arrive back in Los Angeles after their honeymoon and Brooke is unsure when Thorne decides they visit his parents. Stephanie tells Eric that she isn‘t ready to socialise with Brooke when he informs her that Brooke and Thorne are coming over. Eric takes Thorne aside and informs him of Stephanie‘s concerns but Brooke takes Stephanie aside and thanks her for all she has done. Brooke hopes that Stephanie will one day enbrace her into the family fully. Amber is being dragged away as Deacon steps in and explains a story of how Carmen fought with Amber in the apartment and then being depressed, she jumped off the roof. Amber is let go but they are warned of the consequences if they are lying. Amber thanks Deacon, but he says that he did it for the baby as he needs a mother. Deacon sobs and admits that he did love Carmen.